Darko Primary

 Darko Primary is not a school but it is support of orphans in primary schools. These children stay with their primary caregivers and are supported with school fees, clothing, food, books, medical care and love. This program is at the heart of our support for the Kathonzweni community located in Makueni county, Kenya. The damaging effects of disease and environmental degradation has greatly impacted the area. Darko Orphans currently supporting more that 100 care-giving families for our orphans.  Our capacity is outstripped by the needs of the community but our efforts go a long way in changing the live of the orphans. 

Despite their hardships the children can find a reason to smile knowing that someone cares and that they have a future. Darko Orphans is making a great impact and is seeking to expand into other Counties in Kenya to continue our mission to bring about positive change for Orphans and Vulnerable children of Kenya.