With funding from well wishers, Darko Orphans provides disadvantaged children with education, food, medical and clean domestic water support to improve livelihoods in their communities and break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. 


In rural Kenya education is impeded by many socioeconomic factors; many children face these problems daily.  We believe that education is the primary key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Therefore Darko Orphans has provided this vital component of life to help the less fortunate children achieve their aspirations. Darko Orphans pays school fees for the OVCs enrolled in its programme for elementary, secondary and tertiary education. This is done in various learning institutions which the children attend. This helps Darko reach as many OVC’s as possible, helping them in their locality.This is a longterm strategy to help as many communities as possible. through educated children. 

Darko Orphans has a fully fledged, well equipped girls secondary school (Darko Girls Secondary School). It has all the facilities and qualified teachers who offer high level of education and spiritual guidance. The school is open to the public and any  girl who qualifies for secondary education can be enrolled.


Studies have shown that food and nutrition are directly related to health and education.  At Darko we have a feeding program that ensures our children get the basic  Right to Food.

Most of these children go for days without food which affects their health greatly. Food portions are provided to the care givers which greatly supplement the best care possible to the Darko child. With your assistance, we wish to expand this feeding project to reach more children without food.

Food donations are welcome!


You cannot build a society on the backs of  ill people; throughout the Kenyan countryside there are communities blighted with poverty and limited access to health facilities. Simple infections or ailments can go untreated leading to more serious problems. Darko Orphans with the help of its donors has taken a proactive position in providing free medical services for all its orphans. Darko Orphans has reliable medical and social workers under the project nurse who ensures that the orphans have the necessary health benefits wherever they are; in schools or in their foster homes.


Darko Orphans does not encourage the withdrawal of children from their familiar natural environment to orphanages due to the fact that it becomes very difficult to integrate the children back into society as adults as well as other derogatory reasons. This is why our policy is to host the children in foster home where they are assured of safe and nurturing care in a family set-up within their birth place.

In the foster homes the children are under the watchful eyes of care givers who ensure they attend school, are well fed and are attended to when in need of medical care by liaising with our social worker who resides in the area. Darko provides for all of the mentioned needs and aims at empowering the community.

Our biggest empowerement is through farming God’s way. Farming is the backbone of our society and we encourage our people to do it the most organic way possible. Through partners like AgriHope Inc. we have trained elders on this type of framing and looking to empower more.