At Darko we are seeking to create a sustainable giving environment; we dedicate less than 15% of our costs toward administration so we can better service the children; however your support is needed so we can do more.

Sponsor a Child

For $50 USD per month you can change a life for the better. Darko’s child centered approach allows us service the needs of many.

Financial Donation

Darko accepts any level of financial contribution. Every little bit helps! For larger donations or recurring donations please contact us directly.


Till No. 585094


Darko Projects

We are constantly looking for better and bigger ways to serve our children; it is our goal to give them a first class education and environment. Thus  we have projects aimed at increasing our capacity such as:

  • Organic Farming (Farming God’s Way) 
  • Small scale business development
  • Water Resource Expansion

Please contact us for a detailed project plan and methodology for ways for you to make a difference.


If you have time in your schedule or visiting Kenya the children would love to see you. Our children enjoy fun-filled days and activities. 

Please email us at and we will contact you on the best way to proceed.



Elizabeth Mueni – Founder/Director

Anthony Briggs – ICT Director

Joanne Mumbi – Resource Mobilizer

Amy Clary – Board of Directors