We are grateful that Darko Orphans  got a donation of a piece of land in Mlolongo (Machakos County) and purchased another in Makueni County. Both of them will be developed into schools, a rescue centre and administering Darko activities.

  • Drought Relief

Makueni County, a prominent drought stricken region, received a Borehole Project, courtesy of CBN Living Water. The borehole supply water to the Darko children and the Makindu community).

  • Adoption/Foster Care Campaign

It is in our calendar to conduct campaigns to bring awareness, and encourage families to embrace orphans in their homes either through adoption or foster care.

  • Darko Rescue Centre:

Kenya’s children are abused, abandoned, lost or orphaned without any known responsible guardian. Others temporarily separate from their parents because of imprisonment. Makueni County in particular is characterized with behaviors that expose the children to such vulnerable circumstances. Such children become traumatized and need to be showered with a lot of love and care.  It is the objective of the Darko Orphans Board to set up a rescue centre to provide a long term solution to such children to recover sufficiently and live decently thereafter. This could be through foster homes or adoptions.

  • Darko Primary & Secondary School

Darko Children attend different local schools, some of which are high cost. It is our desire to establish schools that will not only accommodate our children but others in the community. The schools will provide high quality education putting emphasis on proper morals to produce holistic persons.

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